Do not worry! Call us on 020 76 60 80 76 and select 2 to get in touch with our sales department. Advisers will be able to process your order over the phone. 

There are some possible reasons why...

  • The voucher can only be used on the UK website (excluding mobile version).

  • Following an unsuccessful order on the website, the voucher is deactivated for 2 hours for security. It is not possible to pay for an order with the voucher during this time. Return in 2 hours to complete your order!

  • On the website, you can not use more than 5 vouchers for the same order and/or for an amount exceeding £ 3,000. Furthermore, a gift voucher can not be combined with a credit note.

  • If the gift voucher balance does not cover the total amount of the order, the payment of the difference by debit or credit card can not be less than £1.

If, despite all these checks, you still can not use your voucher, send a request to Customer Service below.

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