Our accounting department processes the refund once the item has been returned to our warehouse. If you provided your e-mail address, you will receive a refund confirmation e-mail. Please check your spam box, it could be hiding there !

Your refund has been confirmed by e-mail ? Don't worry, several reasons could explain the delay :

  • If you paid by debit/credit card, double-check the bank account used for payment: we automatically refund you on this bank account. It can take up to 14 working days. 

  • For a deferred payment by debit/credit card, the refund is also deferred. Wait until the beginning of the following month and check your bank account again. 

  • For a payment by Paypal, your Paypal account will be credited within 14 working days. 

  • If you paid by voucher, you will receive a voucher either by e-mail within 48 working hours or by mail to your invoicing address (and not delivery address) within 8 working days. 

Reminder: If you placed an order on our website, the delivery costs will only be refunded if you return the whole order. 

If despite these checks, you still do not receive your refund, send a request to the Customer Service. 

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